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The artist's conscience zine focuses on the power of my statements and the delivery of my words. It is a confrontation with my self conscience and a slap at culture's beliefs at once. I am responding to culture on behalf of those who fail to respond, or look past the despairing matter of cultural norms. Producing this zine was a means of catharsis for myself as an artist who refuses to abide to cultural norms within my design practices.


Front cover


Spread 10


Spread 2


Spread 7


Back cover

This project was the most joyful project for me for reasons I had the chance to mix two of my favorite type styles together in one content. Both of the psychedelic type style and the hand-written street style was freely drawn by me. I had to create a whole psychedelic funky style alphabet for this work in which later i decided to use for all my projects throughout my senior thesis. 

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