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This project is created to unravel the power of Subversive art in

order to evoke artists and creatives in Doha and to address some unspoken truths and issues within culture. Exploring and unraveling  artist's thoughts in the subject of Subversive art through answering my research questions and being able to articulate it's means and effects on artists today and their practices.


Q1: How do you define "Subversive art"

Q2: Have you ever made Subversive art? Why and for what purpose?

Q3: If Subversive art ceases to exist, how will society be able to communicate their opinions/feelings?

Q4: How might we use Subversive art to transport our minds into altered states of consciousness in order to break away from cultural normativity?

Q5: How does subverting Art an design help us challenge cultural normativity today?

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