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Witnessing conventional art that aligns with social normativity binds us within a one-dimensional state of mind, binding us to our delusions, states of minds, and realities. In order to break free of these delusions, we need Subversive art works created through unconventional mediums to move beyond understanding and confront our own delusion.

Artists in the Gulf have always been restricted to making. Creating inside borders instead of creating beyond borders. For reasons being tied down to cultural normativity prevents artists from expressing themselves freely and those who dare tend to carry a provocative style of work that is criticized and judged for. Artists feel like they have the need to compromise creativity that is considered "odd", "different", or subversive. This has been an issue artists often mention amongst other artists but never spoken of. In my body of work, I am speaking everything.  


-Delusion to cultural norms; which is the state of blindly accepting traditional interpretations of the world without question. Delusion to logic; being rational and reasonable 

-Creatives in the Gulf

-Subversive art

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